Erik Pearson, Colette Ricci, and Tim Holly bring life to the DOW basement

Erik Pearson has been living and working in the CEZ for ten years. You'll likely recognize his work, as it has shown up in almost every corner of the neighborhood. 

Erik and Joshua Murray work hard to take Art Crawl to the next level, curating and performing live musical performances. Erik is excited that the neighborhood is finally on the Art Crawl map, and has noticed that over the last decade more projects are happening "out" in the public spaces beyond the Carleton and the DOW.  

Why attend Art Crawl at the DOW? Erik says it's "a fun little hidden gem and easy to get to with the light rail." 

Obvious stops inside the DOW include the Art Gallery and Caufield Clay Works, but don't forget to make your way to the basement. This is where Erik's built a "micro-community." "It's nice to know that if I need help, I can knock on a door." 

Down the hall from Erik is the shared studio of Colette Ricci and Tim Holly (aka Tim Monsters).

They've been living and working in the neighborhood for nine years, witnessing huge changes. When they moved into the Carleton, most businesses were closing or closed, but they were attracted by the potential for community. Colette remembers thinking, "We want to live with a bunch of our peers!"

"The community has grown organically in an interesting way," said Tim, "and it's still in its early stages." The light rail completion left artists like Erik, Tim, and Colette nervous about their futures, and new housing in the neighborhood has confirmed some of that fear. 

However, Colette also pointed out that "so many creative businesses moved in, feeding the creative people." She recommended stopping by Barely Brothers or Agharta if you're coming out for Art Crawl, as they often run coordinating events (though they haven't yet announced anything for this fall). 

Julie James