Vandalia Street Press: Everything grows when you buy local

When Kim Tschida Petters graduated from art school, she faced one huge question: How do I make a living as an artist? 

She's found the answer in Vandalia Street Press, a one-woman letterpress business. She produces greeting cards, custom work, and fine art prints. The three different facets of the work ensure that she strikes a balance in her creative life.

She can't imagine only doing greeting cards, or only doing fine art, so the current mix keeps her energized and content while ensuring her art background earns her a living (with a little help from a part-time gig at a wine shop in St. Anthony Park). 

In 2008, as Kim was just getting started, there were only two craft shows a year. Now, there are 2-3 per week through the holiday season. She believes that craft has resurfaced because "everything is so over-manufactured, everything became disjointed." 

When asked why people should shop local this holiday season, Kim laughed, because it felt so obvious. "Why shop local? Everything grows. The more you spend locally, everything grows. It just takes a bit of effort." 

You can find Kim's work at the Northeast Farmers Market Winter Market, Craft'za, at local businesses, and on Etsy. To see a full list of shows she'll be attending, check out the Vandalia Street Press Facebook page.

Julie James