Towerside district: Our partner in innovation

On the map below, the Creative Enterprise Zone (in purple) ends at the St. Paul-Minneapolis line. But check out that pink-bordered area overlapping the CEZ and extending west: that 370-acre area is now known as the Towerside Innovation District.  

Called a "new century nexus for people to live, work, learn, research, and engage," Towerside aims to develop a restorative, arts-inspired community with district-wide systems for stormwater management, heating, cooling, and energy.

The district is powered partly by its proximity to the University of Minnesota, and like the CEZ, it's got lots of synergies. It's an "inviting place with a catalytic atmosphere that will inspire a community that is diverse, inclusive, vibrant and responsive to ever-evolving opportunities and discovery."   

Start by attending the annual forum, April 25.

Julie James