Mapping our creative economy

How does the Creative Enterprise Zone's economy look right now, in 2018?  What are our livelihoods, and where are our creative clusters? 

We've been gathering data, and we asked Dr. Brenda Kayzar of Urbane DrK Consulting to map the Zone. Her final report identified 298 creative enterprises, categorized them by type, and mapped them within the geography. She also provided case studies of two particular business locations, along with observations and recommendations. See the full report here.

In addition to Dr. Kayzar’s work, we asked Arlene Birt of Background Stories to capture some of this data in an infographic. Here is the "report card" she came up with. Thanks to the Knight Foundation for funding this research and mapping project: 


The Background Stories look at the Creative Enterprise Zone was funded through a grant from the Knight Foundation. 


Julie James