Board and Staff

The Creative Enterprise Zone is managed by a working board of directors with hired project coordinators.

Catherine Reid Day, Chair

Catherine Reid Day, Chair

Board members

Catherine Reid Day, Story Slices — chair
Jack Becker, Forecast Public Art, vice chair and public realm committee chair
Pat Thompson, St. Anthony Park Community Council board member — secretary
Bart Bevins, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Sandy Boss Febbo, Bang Brewing co-owner
Rob Clapp, Can Can Wonderland CFO and Summit Group owner
Sherman Eagles, St. Anthony Park Community Council Land Use Committee co-chair and SAPCC liaison
Betsy Gabler, Alchemy Architects (CEZ-based business)
Julie Ann James, neighborhood resident and designer
Lucas Koski, Artspace, Inc., asset manager
Meena Mangalvedhekar, artist and educator
Renee Spillum, Seward Redesign, Inc., project manager

Staff consultants

Erin Heelan — As director of the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition in North Minneapolis, Erin led community-chosen initiatives ranging from a district-wide improvement program to a farmers market and pop-up galleries, restaurants, and retail. Most recently she served as program officer for the Metropolitan Council’s Livable Communities Grant Program, focusing on transit-oriented real estate development. She also teaches in the University of Minnesota’s urban studies department.

Erin works to present events in the Zone, building connections among the creative entrepreneurs.

Erin can be reached by email at


Mindy in the St. Anthony Park July 4 parade bringing attention to the St. Paul Tool Library.

Mindy in the St. Anthony Park July 4 parade bringing attention to the St. Paul Tool Library.

Newsletter editor

Our monthly enewsletter is written and edited by Mindy Keskinen, a neighborhood resident and long-time writer/editor for nonprofits including Transition Town–All St. Anthony Park. Mindy enjoys getting to meet the many great people in the Zone, and seeing everything that's going on behind the scenes.

Contact her at