Creative Enterprise Zone

in Saint Paul, Minnesota


What’s New?

Innovative Development for a Creative Community

A panel discussion on CEZ development, including general trends, current innovations, and how community can impact the process. At the new Naughty Greek location at University and Raymond Avenues. Refreshments provided.

Building job skills (and birdfeeders)

Elpis Enterprises — the name is Greek for "hope"—  is a place where young people ages 16–23 can turn their lives around. Is woodworking and screen printing studios are located in Vandalia Tower.

Bookbinding at E&L

Jeff Dahlin has been helping keep alive the craft of traditional bookbinding since 1988, when he bought the Erickson/Lundblad Bindery, eventually moving it to a new home at 708 Vandalia.


Who are we?

The Creative Enterprise Zone promotes and connects individuals and organizations in the Raymond-University area of St. Paul, Minnesota, to advance creative, economic, and cultural development.