Creative Enterprise Zone

in Saint Paul, Minnesota


What’s New?

New life (and a new name?) for the Pirtek Building

Tory and Carrie Christensen of Landbridge Ecological are turning a modest brick building into a hive of activity with nonprofits, small businesses, arts groups, studios, and offices.

CEZ's new logo and how it grew

Our new streetscape logo came from a collaboration with Triangle Park Creative, a firm specializing in brand identity and design for nonprofit and co-ops, which recently moved its offices to the CEZ.

Pilates in the Park with Camille LeFevre

A versatile entrepreneur and 25-year resident finds a new sweet spot in the Creative Enterprise Zone. 


Who are we?

The Creative Enterprise Zone promotes and connects individuals and organizations in the Raymond-University area of St. Paul, Minnesota, to advance creative, economic, and cultural development.