Creative Enterprise Zone

in Saint Paul, Minnesota


What’s New?

New life (and a new name?) for the Pirtek Building

Tory and Carrie Christensen of Landbridge Ecological are turning a modest brick building into a hive of activity with nonprofits, small businesses, arts groups, studios, and offices.

CEZ's new logo and how it grew

Our new streetscape logo came from a collaboration with Triangle Park Creative, a firm specializing in brand identity and design for nonprofit and co-ops, which recently moved its offices to the CEZ.

Clothier Design Source: "You think it. We make it!"

Let's say you have an idea for a special garment or clothing line. In your heart, you know you're an apparel entrepreneur. But how do you begin? In the globalized clothing industry, where can you find local resources? 


Who are we?

The Creative Enterprise Zone promotes and connects individuals and organizations in the Raymond-University area of St. Paul, Minnesota, to advance creative, economic, and cultural development.